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Look at their products and trust the manufacturer based on those! For 10 years, this principle has guided the OstroVit brand. From the hills and valleys of Poland, quality nutrients and supplements are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.



We did not create the human body, and while a vehicle goes through precise and accurate design, the human body is still shrouded in mystery. More and more studies, more and more knowledge and even more innovation are coming to light.

Therefore, both the individual and the manufacturer feeding them must be ready for change. They need to keep up with the knowledge that they have gained. And they must be able to sort between false and factual information.

That's what OstroVit is good at, keeping up with the science to get the most out of your body, which is constantly changing. It's always renewing, FOR YOU!

In the current inflation-ridden world, it has also managed to make a change. OstroVit has bucked the trend (rising prices) and through research and development of raw materials, still offers products with incredible value for money.


Who should use the OstroVit range?

It doesn't matter if you play sport professionally or just for leisure. Nor does it matter what sport you play. With OstroVit products, there is always room for improvement!

And there's a wide range of products to choose from: a generous vitamin range, a range of fat burners, delicious peanut butter, coconut oil, super healthy plant extracts, vegan products and sugar-free/diabetic foods.

Think of anything in the field of healthy living and you're sure to find it at OstroVit... or the answer.


3 simple steps are the key!

  1. The product must be guaranteed to work. That's why OstroVit takes special care to make sure you get what you need. That means their products meet your nutritional needs. They support the proper functioning of your body and make up for the vitamins and minerals missing from your diet.
  2. Proven composition. OstroVit tests the composition of their supplements in independent and accredited laboratories. To ensure that they contain precisely and accurately the ingredients (and in the same quantities) as stated on the label.
  3. Best prices. OstroVit is perfectly balanced in terms of value for money. It achieves this by searching for and researching the raw materials with the best prices. And the prices, as you will see, speak for themselves!